What Are The Differences in Cabinets?

What are the benefits of factory-ordered semi-custom cabinets over using a custom cabinet builder? Kyr Leontovich, a Home Concepts designer and expert woodworker, answers this frequently asked question.

There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to cabinets. Size, color, finish, style, and placement are a few of the questions you have to answer when deciding on cabinets, along with whether to hire a custom cabinet builder or to order semi-custom cabinets from a manufacturer.

When I talk with clients about their cabinet choices I remind them of the main differences between semi-custom factory-ordered and custom built cabinets. These differences include length of repair and warranty, ability to replace parts, and the factory’s offering of a wider variety of finishes and techniques (glazes, distressing, applied moldings, etc.).

While factory-ordered cabinets may take longer to replace parts, a factory is more likely to be dependable if there are issues with the cabinets. Warranties are included with factory ordered cabinets and are much easier to take advantage of when using a large manufacturer that has been in existence for years.

When it comes to finishes, a custom cabinet builder in California cannot do catalyzed finishes. Factory-applied catalyzed varnish provides durable clear coat that greatly extends the life of the paint or finish. Catalyzed finishes are much easier to keep clean and offer a beautiful look.

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