Your Remodeling Questions Answered

There are so many questions to ask and answer when thinking about doing a remodel. The questions I often ask clients when they come to us and are thinking of doing a remodel include:

  • Do you have a contractor? If you don’t, we have a list of really great contractors that work in the area that we are happy to refer you to! And if you do, bring them in! It’s great to have open communication with the contractor throughout the project so we can ensure the finished project will be exactly what you want. 

  • Do you have plans? This could include existing house plans or remodel plans. If you don’t, that’s ok, we’ll come by and take measurements (for a small fee) and help you plan the changes that will be made during the remodel. 

  • What’s your budget? Having a number in mind really helps when deciding how large of a remodel you can do and what products you will use. There are a variety of beautiful product lines that can meet any budget, so don’t be scared if you’re budget is smaller than you’d like. 

When customers tell me they are ready to start a remodel I like to share a bit of advice:

  1. Sometimes the cabinet ordering, shipping, and installation timeline can be a little longer than you’d hope. Depending on the job you can plan on around a month to pick the cabinets and design them to fit your home, roughly six weeks to receive the cabinets (custom high-end cabinets can take longer), and whatever time it takes for demo and install. This can equal a few months before cabinets are completely installed and ready to use. Don’t let this scare you; it’s worth it!

  2. Always plan for issues during the demo phase. You never know what wires are going to be found or what may be lurking behind your walls. It’s infrequently something major, but unplanned encounters can sometimes set the schedule back.

So what’s your first step, you ask? Call us! Make an appointment and come by the showroom. We’re happy to walk through this process with you and get you set up with a contractor and gets plans started for your dream remodel.