Home Concepts Showroom Remodel

We remodeled the front part of Home Concepts to incorporate a new desk / project work area for our team and to display a more modern design overall while showcasing some of the latest technology and materials available.

Remodel Highlights:

» Columbia Cabinetry was used in one area to display the SERVO-DRIVE System by Blum. SERVO-DRIVE is an electric motion support system that makes opening fascinatingly simple: A single touch suffices and lift systems and pull-outs seem to open by themselves.

» An upper cabinet with aluminum frame was installed to show the AVENTOS HF by Blum. Opening and closing upper cabinet doors has never been so easy. With AVENTOS HF, doors fold up and out of the way. They can be stopped in any location, meaning the handle always stays within reach.

» One of our new cabinet manufacturers, Dewils, is displayed using Alder and Walnut cabinets.

» On counter tops we showcase a mix of quartz and leathered granite.

» The existing hardwood flooring was redone using large scale wood porcelain tile.