The Process of Supplying and Designing A House

Home Concepts and Truckee-Tahoe Lumber are involved in new house construction from the initial vision until the last pull is installed on the cabinets.

Home Concepts is often brought in on a project while plans for a house are being drawn up. Our designers help contractors and/or home owners with effective space planning and selection of cabinets, tile, and hardware for their kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas. Our designers then work with the contractor on ordering, delivery, and installation and work with home owners along the way to ensure consistent color and material use throughout the home.

The Home Concepts Door Shop sales staff also work with contractors during construction to select the best interior and exterior doors for the house and are finished and hung in the Door Shop before being installed at the end of the project.

The lumber process begins when Truckee-Tahoe Lumber sales staff meet with contractors to help write up a material list based on plans or to receive an already created list that is passed off to contractor sales staff. Once contractor sales staff has received and placed the order, it is shipped to one of our yards and delivered by one of our drivers. The sales person assigned to the job remains involved, delivering additional materials and asking any questions the contractor or home owner has throughout the building process.

We are fortunate to have a team that works together to design and supply a home from start to finish, from lumber to countertops, from nails to door knobs.